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Come August, you can always be sure of a good party or two in Ibiza — the hair-down, free-spirited fun times at Atzaró next month will be no exception. The family-friendly finca joins in with the rest of the island and presents its soul-nurturing programme of spiritual summer specials…040

The Earth Harp Concert on 3 August

Don’t expect to just sit back and clap sporadically — you’re invited to ‘participate’ in this musical experience: chill out and connect with the music, letting it soar to your higher levels of consciousness. The Earth Harp itself is a whopper of a string instrument (the longest in the world, no less) and has strings that run over 1,000ft. Prepare to encounter a unique audio and visual treat, blending new-world electronica with Sanskrit mantras, under the spiritual leadership of Maya Fiennes and Bill Close.

Yoga workshop with Maya Fiennes on 5 August

This yoga practitioner also happens to be a classically trained pianist. But her workshop is all about the Kundalini – aiming to uplift, transform and explore, with a spot of lunch and perhaps a dip into the pool in between. Maya wants to purify and energise minds, bodies and spirits. Expect to come away with a ‘glow of abundance and joy’, professes Atzaró.inkie

Live graffiti sesh on 12 August

Famed graffiti artist Inkie comes to Atzaró to draw a large painting live inside the agroturismo’s grounds. The event, Urban Art, is the culmination of an exhibition including works by Inkie and other artists (Will Barras, China Mike, Mudwig, Sick Boy…) that kicks off on the 8th. The relaxing whitewashed retreat will be an urban jungle in no time.

Day Retreat with the Barefoot Doctor on 25 August

The Barefoot Doctor holds a one-day seminar with classes interspersed by recesses in the spa or at the Veranda restaurant. His main concern is remedying the obstruction of energy, confidence, vision and vitality. And if you don’t leave with new skills and an enhanced state of mind, no, you don’t get a refund — but come back for more in October, when there’s a full-on week-long luxury retreat to look out for.

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