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We’ve all been there – you hop on a flight that whisks you from New York City to Rome (or London to Tokyo or Paris to Phuket… you get the idea), check into a suite with a view, spot a nearby bar, and set your sights on a night of fun. There’s adventure to be had, but all you can think about in your headachy post-plane haze is sleep. Unfortunately, part of the glamorous jet-set life is the decidedly not-so-glamorous jet lag after-party. Lucky for you, there are more natural (and increasingly chic) solutions than ever before. Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite organic jet lag remedies that will keep you feeling lively no matter how long you’ve been in the air, so you can bounce from plane to pool effortlessly.

Altitude oil is a Natural Cure of JetlagDe Mamiel Altitude Oil
This luxe essential oil blend boasts antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic qualities, supporting your immune system on and off the plane.


Organic Phcure-for-jetlagarmacy In Flight Kit
Organic Pharmacy’s arnica-infused jet lag remedy pills are enough to stave off travel-related fatigue. But if you really want to treat yourself (and honestly, who doesn’t?), you can get them in the brand’s in-flight kit, which includes bonus products like rose facial toner and dreamy lip balm.
Singha Travel Tonic Cure Jetlag
Dr. Singha Travel Tonic
A combination of ginger root, Siberian ginseng and Yohimbe bark relieves fatigue, calms nerves and balances sleep cycle – a home run for weary travellers.


spray-chamomile-jetlag-cureUrban Moonshine Travel Bitters
If a crazy schedule and too much airline food are taking a toll on your digestive system, Urban Moonshine’s bitters (sold in convenient travel size) will soothe your stomach so you can get back to dining out. Bonus? They also make a perfect addition to that post-flight Manhattan.

no-jet-lagNo Jet Lag Homeopathic Jet Lag Prevention
A standby for business travellers and flight crews around the world, this nifty natural supplement guarantees 50 hours of jet lag-free flight time.

cures-for-jet-lag-naturalElixirs & Co Voyages Flower Elixir
Bach flower remedies have been used by those in the know for over 70 years to cure everything from insomnia to anxiety. This blend utilizes ingredients like hornbeam, honeysuckle, and elm to calm and prevent jet lag. Simply add a few drops to your water bottle and sip your way to a more pleasant landing.


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