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We couldn’t let 2010 slip by without a hotel-of-the-week-shaped bang. Taking the winner’s crown for the last time this year is Hospes Maricel, a beachside bolthole in Mallorca

Style Majestic, modern Mallorcan mansion
Setting Turquoise Portals Nous bay

Why this week? Act fast and book by 2 January to take advantage of the hip hospes’ four-for-three offer, exclusive to Smith members. (Also, check out their fantastic detox tips in our detox spa round-up…)

Our favourite bits We’re fans of the trademark clay-coloured walls, black-tiled private plunge pools and, most especially, the extreme nine-course breakfast, once voted the best morning meal in the world by the Madrid Fusion Gastronomic Summit. We reckon they know what they’re talking about. Spa treatments can be had troglodyte-style down in the caves built into the cliffs beneath the main house.

Mr & Mrs Smith say ‘We pull up to the magnificent converted palacio that houses this chic layer-cake hotel and breathe a sigh. The view alone from Hospes Maricel is enough to go to your head: the sea beyond is a shade of turquoise blue that I thought only Photoshop chicanery known just to a secret inner circle of holiday-brochure designers and postcard vendors could achieve.

Peripheral vision gives us the chance to take in our surroundings – a combination of beautiful historic architecture and swish leather and wooden contemporary furniture. It’s a striking contrast to the stately 16th-century exterior. ‘Oh…’ is all Mrs Smith can manage as she drags her jaw along the marble-tiled floors. Or perhaps it was ‘Oooh’. I can’t quite be sure as I’m too busy admiring that view again…’

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