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Make an appointment with editor Drea Sobieski and photographer Grant Legan, and you may meet in a boutique hotel in NYC or at an outdoor café in LA’s hip Silver Lake enclave. Officially, the duo behind Elsewhere, the forthcoming print journal with a focus on style and travel, has no headquarters. Sobieski and Legan, along with their network of filmmakers, journalists, art directors, models and some of the biggest names on Instagram (see @sincerelyjules and @songofstyle to name a couple), simply roam the world gathering stories and creating experiences for their brand partners. The first issue of Elsewhere will hit doorsteps this June in newspaper form.

So how do the leaders of the pack travel? We met up with Sobieski and Legan in New York during Fashion Week and had a peek inside their bags…


Carry-on vs checked bags I always aim to carry on.

In-flight reading Russh magazine is basically my bible. I love the way that they tell fashion stories from an emotional point of view.

Luggage of choice Anything that’s hardtop from Samsonite.

Favourite destination Mexico. I love everything in Mexico – the food, the smell, the people, the ocean, the music. It’s such a colourful and happy place. I’ve never been to Mexico and not had a good time.

Best souvenir Candles from Marrakech – they make my entire room smell like Morocco. There’s something really powerful about triggering memories through your senses.

I never leave home without… Gum, my journal and a magazine.


For this trip I packed… Layers, which is a good theme for a winter trip to NYC. In addition to dark jeans, sweaters and turtlenecks, I brought a couple tank tops because it always gets really hot inside Fashion Week venues. Also, I’m all about comfort so I packed sneakers. Then there’s this giant fur coat because… why not?

My beauty products, the things I put directly on my face and body, are really important to me. From top left, I packed: Le Labo Santal 33 body lotion, Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Oil Balm, Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash (I always have hand sanitizer because I’m super anal about cleanliness), Maison Martin Margiela Jazz Club body cream (it smells like heady cocktails and cigars), Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy and Maison Louis Marie No.04 perfume oil.

Next trip Portugal


Carry-on vs checked bags I’m a fan of checking bags. I hate the guessing game of whether or not my suitcase will fit in the overhead. And there are those people that bring massive bags on board and they can’t even lift them… just check the bag!

The first thing I do after checking into a hotel… Take a bunch of photos while the room is still clean.

My ideal hotel has… A great shower with good water pressure. Also, the bath products are key. They should smell good and not make my skin feel like glue afterwards. The hotel’s bathroom experience is really important.

Favourite destination This changes all the time for me. And actually, some places become better in retrospect. For example, I once hiked Yellow Mountain, which is outside Shanghai. It was literally the worst day of my life. I almost got frostbite and then we had to ride in an over-packed bus and I had to sit on the floor for five hours. But now, looking back at the photos, it’s one of my favourite journeys of all time because the story is so good.

Best souvenir I got a really amazing blanket in Mexico once. It was $18 and it’s giant and made of really thick wool. It’s so fluffy.

I never leave home without… My speaker (I can’t travel without music) and a book.


For this trip I packed… All my gear because I’ll be shooting backstage at the Michael Kors show. This is what’s inside my backpack, and I’m very particular about how I pack it. Sometimes airport security takes everything out and I get so frustrated. Everything goes in there in a specific way… I feel like a crazy person. When I was a kid and I’d eat a sandwich, I’d pull everything off around the edges. The sides needed to be clean. It’s the same idea with my packing. I like everything just so.

From top left, I’ve got: an airport magazine – that’s former boy band Hanson on the cover! Apparently they’re big entrepreneurs now. Those are my sunglasses, a speaker, my Polaroid (if I’m traveling with friends I like to give away the pictures as little gifts), a couple lenses and memory card cases. Then there’s my passport and my Nikon and its flash. That smaller camera is a Ricoh, which is my favourite for travel. It’s great for quick snaps and it doesn’t sound like a machine gun like some of my other cameras do. I use my Herschel bag to hold my cameras, batteries and memory cards. The USB cord and Mophie battery are for my phone.

Next trip Cuba and then India

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