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This week, we welcome back a Prinsengracht-perched townhouse, set on Amsterdam’s most beautiful canal. With the laid-back residents and culture-centric activities, you’ll feel right at home in this laissez-faire city.

Hotel One Seven One Amsterdam

Style Opulent eccentricity
Typical townhouse

Why this week Hotel Seven One Seven is reopening after being closed due to a blaze, and is now city-break ready.

Our favourite bits It looks like a home, which isn’t surprising, since it used to be a private dwelling. What began as a weekend-party place turned into a business; since then, it has changed hands. The new proprietors wanted everything: the pictures on the walls, the books on the shelves, the drinks in the cabinet. Both executive suites, Picasso and Schubert, have views of the water. Our favourites are Tolkien, which is ultra-romantic, and Room at the Top, for its rooftop vistas.Hotel Seven One Seven

Mr & Mrs Smith say ‘It is a very attractive old canalhouse, with no obvious ‘hotel’ entrance or big declaration: just a brass bell by the Amsterdam-green door. Its current owners fell in love with it in 1997.
The new proprietors wanted everything: the pictures on the walls, the books on the shelves, the drinks in the cabinet. The people who created its artful silk-and-tweed clutter left with nothing but a cheque and their bags. When you visit, you’ll understand why this had to be the case: there’s a lot of stuff in Seven One Seven, and it’s composed beautifully. And unlike the Dylan, that other style temple down the canal, this place isn’t about exquisite, don’t-touch perfection. You don’t have to be rocking a pair of Manolos to cross its threshold: Birkenstocks or battered old Reeboks fit in just as well On arrival, we were met with comfort and atmosphere. In fact, we were met by an old friend, Sven – nicely in keeping with the Hotel Seven One Seven amsterdam, room at the tophome thing. We were given the Shakespeare Suite, which had the same warm, anti-minimalist decor as the rest of the property, and a quirky combination of contents: huge Victorian brass bed, rich throws, suiting material for curtains, an unusual parquet-topped sideboard, and family memorabilia giving it a lived-in, personal appeal. We concluded that those weekenders who got to hang out here before it became a business were very lucky people…’

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