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Hey Mary, so you just went gallivanting around Me-hi-co, huh?
Si, senorita!

Any goosepimple moments?
There was a hotel called Verana… we were meant to arrive by boat but the seas were too rough that day so we had a lovely white-knuckle drive down a very steep, very windy road…
met by the Belgian GM at the end and a couple of mules to take us to a cold beer. The vehicle in question was re-named the “faux by four” when we got stuck in the sand on the way out the next day.

Heck it beats a minicab.
Apparently we’re the only guests in the history of the hotel who arrived by car! Not recommended (liabilities and all that) but man, it was worth it. Stunning hotel perched on a clifftop overlooking the Pacific.

What was unique about travelling around Mexico?
I had been to Mexico once before and to be honest, got ill on the plane, spent too much time in Mexico City and actually didn’t enjoy it that much.
This trip was different though. I think driving made all the difference – there’s so much character along the good old Pacific Coast Highway 200.
Coconut and mango plantations, salt flats, fishing villages, markets… And I was lucky enough to be travelling with Simone who is borderline obsessive about Mexico – the place, the food, the people. So I really feel like I tapped into the local culture a lot more this time around. I was sad to leave.

It always helps! Give me a juicy factoid from her obsession that rubbed off onto you…
Salsa piccante comes in various levels of piccante from bland and boring to blow your brains out five alarm

So what blew your mind about the hotels there?
It was refreshing how Mexican all the hotels felt and you really felt you were in that country and all the hoteliers really have appreciation of Mexican craftsmanship whether that meant they had a cool stylish boutique where they’d sourced things from all over Mexico or they had beautiful commissioned hand-embroidered rug in the room – it was full of local character.

Wow. Tell me the name!
Hacienda de San Antonio in Comala (near Colima) was one place that really exemplified this. And there was a smoking volcano in the background. Oh, and we were forced to sample the mango grappa at 9.30am. Whew. Things got a bit hazy after that.

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