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This week, we’re lusting for a hotel high on the hills, with vineyards, olive groves and its own Byzantine estate. We want a bedroom overlooking the Aegean, a spa with an Ottoman hammam, an infinity pool set in citrus groves, and a restaurant serving ravioli stuffed with pumpkins. Demanding, us? Actually, no: Kinsterna Hotel delivers all the above and more. It’s also got a tempting hotel offer

Style Pebbles and Porticos
Setting Minutes from Monemvasia

Why this week? Take advantage of Kinsterna Hotel’s offer: get three nights for the price of two between 20 June and 31 October. And, if you’re a Smith member, you’ll also be treated to 20 per cent off all spa treatments, a 25-minute massage for each guest, wine from the vineyard, fruit and chocolates on arrival, early check-in and late check-out.

Our favorite bits The hotel looks almost as though it’s an organic part of the rambling hillsides, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the proprietors advocate a home-grown policy with all their herbs and veg – all produce in the hotel kitchen is plucked fresh for the garden. They also make their own wine and olive oil, which they extricate using a traditional one-horse-power olive press and brewing tsipouro. Guests visiting in September can kick off their gladiator sandals and join in the squelching-good time that is grape trampling. It’s the little touches that add grandeur here: the rooms’ cavernous brick ceilings are juxtaposed with delicate lace lampshades and the pool has double loungers set into private recesses – perfect for solitary sunbathing.

Mr & Mrs Smith say… ‘Kinsterna is about relaxation, serenity and birdsong. A welcome glass of cold water to settle the dust appears on a tray as we sign in. Escorted to ‘Number 37’ through low stone arches and stairwells, I realise that the human race has increased in stature since the Middle Ages. A shorter Mrs Smith glides blissfully on. Our suite has expertly carved wooden beams underpinning traditional bamboo roof-tile supports, floral pargeting to the walls and polished pebble infills; the slightly safari look is but a fleeting notion. Every feature has been restored to period, and then a modern touch of inspiration added. The view is across vineyards towards Monemvasia and the breathtaking Aegean Sea. Kinsterna Hotel may be off the beaten track, which for us is the appeal, but it’s absolutely worth the trek.’ Read the full Kinsterna hotel review here.

Search for Kinsterna’s special guest offers or seek Smith recommendations for more Peloponnese cobbled castles and ancient architecture.

Compiled by Emilee Tombs

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