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Stylish, hardworking, easy on the eyes and often found in the world’s best bathrooms: like their products, the dynamic duo behind Malin + Goetz skincare is very well-travelled. So, we just had to sit down with co-founder Andrew Goetz to find out their insider tips and favourite places to stay…

Malin + Goetz co-founders Matthew Malin and Andrew GoetzWhy did you start Malin + Goetz?
My background is in architecture, design and furniture. Skincare/beauty is historically Matthew [Malin]’s industry, but, because he has very sensitive skin, I was always the official guinea pig when it came to testing new products. When Kiehl’s was sold to L’Oréal (Matthew was in charge of Global Distribution for the them at the time of the sale), it presented us with an amazing opportunity pool our mutual backgrounds and create a truly modern, family-owned brand with formulas focused on those with sensitive skin. After nine years, I can safely say that I’ve joined Matthew as a doyen of beauty.

What do you look for in a hotel?
I like intimate hotels that are well designed. Location is always important; I want the hotel to be convenient, but not too convenient. And it’s important that a hotel have a decent gym – traveling by nature always disrupts my sense of routine, so being able to work out helps me keep things in check.

Malin + Goetz Smith HotelsWhat’s the first thing you do when you check into a hotel?
We can’t help ourselves from checking out the bathroom product offering, but that just takes a mere second. As soon as we’ve dumped our gear, we love to head out and explore. I really don’t like being cooped up in a hotel when I first arrive.

Maps, guided tours, guidebooks, GPS… – how do you explore a new place?
I still can’t live without a printed map; it gives me a much broader sense of a place than any app possibly could. I’m a sucker for a good guidebook too – I always love learning about local culture and discovering something new. Maps aside, I love to get lost! I always discover something interesting and/or fantastic when I get disoriented.

You never leave home without…
My multi-national electric adaptor, iPhone, ATM/credit cards and, of course, a nice assortment of Malin + Goetz.

You always return home with…
My multi-national electric adaptor, iPhone, ATM/credit cards and a souvenir of some kind to remind me of our trip.

What destination is next on your list?
London. We have lots of friends there, so it’s always nice to catch up, even when we go for work. And we enjoy checking out new restaurants and sneaking in to the National Portrait Gallery when we have some down time.

New York City Smith Hotels

Play tour guide. What are a few things guests shouldn’t miss when visiting New York City?
It sounds touristic and a bit tacky, but everyone should visit the Empire State Building during a stay in New York. And a trip to the Met, MoMA, Guggenheim or one of the other great museums is a must. I also highly recommend a night at the theater. Lastly, New York is theater and the best way to see it is to walk. Walk everywhere and you’ll see amazing things, from Central Park to Brooklyn – this is my secret to enjoying New York.

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