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A party in a boutique that sells luxury lingerie and instruments of pleasure? Mais oui, mes amis. This summer, the Smiths jumped into bed with Kiki de Montparnasse for a love-in over our France guidebook…


Now a word on ‘party pages’. Hate ’em? Or love ’em? At Smith HQ, we’re ambivalent here about those photo spreads and slideshows of people standing around yakking and pouting. Some of us can’t resist a peek to see who’s posing in what or hanging with whom (Sarah: ‘It’s fun mingling with mover-shakers without changing out of your sweatpants’). Others shudder at a whiff of society-scene photography (Anthony: ‘It’s as painful as being slapped in the face with a Who’s Who by a Kardashian sister while choking on dry vol-au-vents’).

Like holiday snaps, some folks embrace perusing pals’ pics, others wince at photo-viewings, recalling memories like, ‘And this is me and Great Uncle Fred in a field in Burgundy. And this is us on a bridge in Provence. Hmm, coulda been Languedoc-Roussillon…’ Etc.

Here’s the thing: our American team hosted a fun get-together in SoHo in cahoots with Andria Mitsakos and Erika Vives from AMPR, and we thought we’d chuck you the skinny with a few pictures. Those who say ‘Aye’ to gratuitous get-together-ogling please enjoy. Anyone not in favour? Look away now! Hey, what’s the point of weblogs if you don’t occasionally diarise your own shindigs? Especially when you have Antwon Duncan’s photography to flaunt?
Where? Kiki de Montmarnasse’s sexy above-boutique salon in NYC.

Why? It was a celebration of our Mr & Mrs Smith: France guidebook. Et pourquoi pas?

Who? Smith friends and family members, media partners, hoteliers and travel and style writers…

What else? Cathy Kwan of d’lish catering ensured we had delicious canapés; Vosges treated sweet teeth to their ‘haut chocolat’ truffles; a few bottles of champagne were popped (bien sûr); and the soundtrack? Certain hotel-suite-worthy compilation albums that we have a soft spot for.

And what was that whispering? Apart from advising guests on the French boudoirs of their dreams? Perhaps we were uttering which goosepimple-inducing silky smalls and shiny accoutrements we’d most like to go home with. Well, have you had a peek in the cabinets or perused the satiny hangers of our seductive hosts, Kiki de Montparnasse? Aphrodisiac for any Smith escape…

Call our US Smith24 team on 1 800 464 2040 to murmur your wildest travel fantasies in our ears. Then visit Kiki de Montparnasse’s sultry flagship boutique at 79 Greene Street New York NY 10012 for a few packing tips…

*Voyeurs, to Facebook: kill time ogling our party’s photo album if you like. Ssh, no one will know. Then again, you may have about 4,972 more pressing things to do. Like planning a sexy sojourn in France?)

Photographs: Antwan Duncan

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