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One too many slips on icy pavements recently has made us all feel a little like hiding away until spring (though maybe not in the fridge, like Anthony’s tortoise). But despite the demise of the festive season, it’s not all gloom out there. Allow us to introduce a few new hotels to get you dreaming in 2010…

VelvetFirst up, may we suggest some hearty rural romps in the Dorset countryside, before resting your head at the Museum Inn – a romantic restaurant with rooms in Farnham village.

In search of a new party pad in Manchester, we’ve added Velvet to our UK collection – a deliciously camp boutique boudoir of a hotel that matches its flamboyant setting in the gay quarter.

marioOn the Continent, we’re proud to introduce two new Roman retreats, centred around the Piazza di Spagna. Margutta 54 and Mario de’ Fiori 37 each offer apartment-style suites with hotel frills such as breakfast and a super-efficient concierge.

By the time February comes, we’ll have been to Greece, Jamaica, Brazil and back all in the exotic name of spectacular stays. Check back next month…

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