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The Great Barrier Reef‘s perennially clement temperatures rarely deviate from a delightful 27°C; but spring has officially sprung in Australia, so we’re using that flimsy – yet perfectly valid – excuse to book our deliriously sun-starved selves a beach break at luxury resort One&Only Hayman Island.

Follow in our sand-dusted footsteps to swim in award-worthy pools and dip a snorkelling fin in the Great Barrier Reef

Hotel of the Week | One&Only Hayman Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia


The northerly tip of the Whitsunday Islands is particularly lovely at this time of year: the Coral Sea glitters invitingly, the sun warms the white-powder beaches to just-right temperatures and the submerged treasures of the Great Barrier Reef – coasting turtles, rainbow shoals of fish and otherworldly coral formations – await discovery. It just so happens, there’s also a special hotel offer for five-night stays in a Suite, available to book until 15 September 2015.

Choices, choices… We love the poolside cabanas where attendants proffer champagne flutes and polish your sunglasses, sampling haute globetrotting fare in six decadent restaurants (and the sigh-worthy private dining on a sandspit), and the chance to take a well-earned time out by the world’s most beloved coastline. Lazily lapping up and down the resorts’ dreamy pools is a treat too; one is the largest in the southern hemisphere (and a Smith Hotel Awards nominee).

YOU SAY… ‘One&Only Hayman Island is a first-class resort with exceptional facilities and customer service.’ Ross, BlackSmith, November 2014

MR & MRS SMITH SAY… ‘There is so much to do while you stay on Hayman Island that it’s hard to know how best to schedule your time. You could be busying yourself from one activity to the next: hiking to the island’s peak, exploring underwater life, learning to waterski or play tennis, going game fishing, picnicking on sandbars or by taking a helicopter ride to Whitehaven Beach, a seven-mile stretch regularly voted Australia’s best… It’s probably best to mix these thrills in with some less high-octane pastimes: we can recommend snoozing in a pod by the pool, hanging out in a private gazebo and letting a waiter bring you endless rounds of drinks and snacks too.’

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