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Ever been somewhere that you genuinely didn’t want to leave? Usually, at the end of a holiday, I feel rested and ready to return, look forward even to having my own bed and things around me. Not this time. Brazil, Trancoso and Uxua Casa felt like home from the minute I stepped off the plane to the moment we reluctantly got in our cab for the airport.

Luxury redefined: a hotel-crafted cricket bat from UxuaThe kids went feral: disappearing upriver on paddle boards to explore; riding horses along the most perfect stretch of sand I’ve ever seen; spending many elated hours wave-jumping and boogie-boarding; and holding what locals told us was the first cricket game on the beach ever (Uxua’s amazing staff even created a eucalyptus cricket bat for us while we were there). It was incredible to have so much freedom.

And as for us, well, we were relaxed, inspired, happy, and in awe of what the team at Uxua has created. It’s a pioneer in that great new breed of hotels today where luxury is not about a particular service policy, but about how you as a guest want to be served – the new private-house hotels where personalisation and personality are a priority. Because when you have passionate hoteliers or owners who care about every tiny little detail, who love creating beautiful spaces (especially in the case of Uxua where co-owner Wilbert Das creates all his own furniture) and who are in it for the long-term out of passion and not short-term gain, a hotel becomes more than a hotel – it becomes a home.

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