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Smith contributor, fashion editor Toni Jones

It’s high time we introduced you to a couple of new faces on our blog: the lovely Toni Jones, a globetrotting fashion editor, writer and stylist; and travel guru Simon Westcott, our new Asia-Pacific office head honcho, formerly a major cog in the Lonely Planet machine and Mr & Mrs Smith’s newest recruit. Simon will be delivering travel updates from Australia, and Toni will periodically be checking our luggage for fashion faux-pas and steering us to insider shopping nirvana.

Smith Asia Pacific managing director, Simon Westcott

As I’ve said before – in this post here – we’ve created a little blographies area, where you can read all about the latest additions to Smith’s blossoming blog gang. There’s a link in that little ‘Pages’ menu over yonder (right, and possibly down a bit). I’ll let you all get to know each other a bit better, and then you might like to read Simon’s first post about the Australian Open, and Toni’s first Smith Style Alert. She’s also sent us a postcard from Hong Kong, going live later today…

Crack open the bubbly, wave a tiny (but fashionable) flag, jump up and down like an excitable kangaroo – celebrate our new bloggers any way you see fit, but come back soon for more style updates and postcards from far-flung lands…

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