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Look at the States you’re in! Let our friends in luxury spa hotels sort out your pre- and post-holiday physique with their insider advice on top-to-toe perfection: Ace Hotel & Swim Club FeelGood Spa Palm Springswe’ve grilled personnel from leading pampering parlours and spa stays across the Americas to bring you a healthful dose of detox and DIY tips just in time for the New Year…

Spa and Wellness Director Lisa Ross

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?
We’ll be offering intimate spa parties in our treatment yurts, for small groups of 8 or less: guests will enjoy a few treatment stations, yummy libations and edibles – it’s fun, unique and affordable!

Top pre-party pampering tip?
Exfoliate before the big night out with a Body Scrub or dry brush treatment; this will give your skin great glow, and make you soft and touchable for later!

Instant makeover – your favourite way to look better fast?
A 30-minute reflexology session: reflexology can restore energy; it can also help the body to stay balanced during the party! You might find it hard to believe that working on the way you feel we can improve the way we look, but if your feet are happy, so is the rest of you.

Ace Hotel Spa Palm SpringsAny advice on getting rid of a hangover?
Our Earth Clay Wrap: it will really help in the detoxification process, as clay helps to pull toxins from the upper layers of your skin. It includes a dry body brushing, with the detoxifying clay and followed by a soothing Lavender rubdown. We also serve an antioxidant elixir with this treatment for our hungover guest; plus lots of water to help eliminate toxins.

Which treatment would you book yourself at the Ace FeelGood Spa?
Only one?! Darn… I would start with a Saturday morning yoga class and then, depending on my mood, I’d choose either the seriously relaxing Hot Rocks massage or, if I wanted to really work on some of my super sore spots, I might go with the 90-minute Deep Tissue massage.

Favourite detox products?
Pure Inventions make a wonderful Green Tea antioxidant that can be mixed with your water for a fun healthy drink. We offer six flavours here!


Carneros Inn spa hotel Napa ValleyTHE CARNEROS INN

Director of Spa Jeannie Jarnot

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?
I was just thinking about that; I’d love to see some live music. We live close to San Francisco, and there’s bound to be some great concerts on.

Leonor Greyl Palm Oil hair treatmentPre-party pampering tips?
I hydrate throughout the day, to make sure my skin looks good. The morning of an event night, I like to do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair with Leonor Greyl Palm Oil: I put it on dry hair, wrap in a towel and leave it on for an hour or two, then wash and condition to leave hair shiny and healthy-looking.

Instant makeover?
I reapply make-up, add a little powder, blush, and freshen up my mascara. And, throw on a sparkly accessory. The best way to look better fast is to feel confident. I ask my husband how I look – it’s always an ego booster.

Ajne organic perfume oilFavourite products?
– My natural perfume from Ajne based out of Carmel. I wear their beautiful pendant with my perfume and it is always a conversation piece.
– I love EmerginC’s phyto-cell serum. It quickly hydrates my skin and makes it look healthier.
Leonor Greyl Serum Sublimateur, it is a smoothing and de-frizzing hair serum that smells good and is the finishing touch on my hair.

Top detoxing tips?
Besides massage and a hot bath or body wrap, I think exercise is a great way to bounce back after the holiday season. It’s hard to get momentum, but the feeling after a few days of working out is powerful.

Napa Valley spa at Carneros Inn hotelBest detox treatment to book at the Carneros Inn spa?
Our Huichica Creek Bath is a wonderful hot bath that is wonderfully detoxifying and incorporates our detoxifying mustard seed powder, goat milk powder, sea salts and aromatherapy. I’d then recommend a Carneros Healing Gem and Stone Massage: the stone-massage heat is deeply detoxifying for muscles and the chakra-balancing meditation is clearing and balancing to psychically detoxify. Love it.

Which treatment would you book for yourself at the Carneros Inn spa?
Definitely the California Thai Massage. I love heat and the herbs used in this treatment: lemongrass, galangal, ginger, orange peel… all of those appeal to me.  This is a deep muscle massage that is transformative: you feel healthier and more vibrant after this massage.

Dr Singha's Mustard Bath detox treatmentFavourite detox products?
Dr Singha’s Mustard Seed Bath powder.
SumBody Detox Cleanser with charcoal to detox the skin.
SumBody Detoxify Me serum, a great detoxifying face serum to help eliminate pore congestion.


Remède spa St Regis hotel San FranciscoST REGIS HOTEL REMEDE SPA

Spa Director Deborah Larsson

Pre-party pampering tips?
To feel relaxed and restored, try the Remède Spa Escape, which features a customized Remède body wrap, massage and mani-pedi.

Instant makeover?
Our Urban Radiance Facial uses crushed pearl crème to make you glow, and pays special attention to that all-important décolleté.

SkinCeuticals C+AHA serumFavourite beauty products?
SkinCeuticals AGE Interrupter crème, SkinCeuticals C + AHA serum and Remède Line Minimizing masque.

How do you make a hangover go away?
Have lemon and water when you first wake up, and apply Remède 360’ Cellular Concentrè – this active anti-aging serum will make tired skin look refreshed. Sip peppermint tea throughout the day to rehydrate. Best of all, run yourself a Hangover Bath, adding the following:
– 2 drops of grapefruit oil
– 2 drops of peppermint oil
– 4 drops of marjoram
Step into the bath, relax with a chilled gel eye mask over your eyes, and place a chamomile tea bag over each eye. If your headache lingers, gently rub a drop of lavender essential oil onto your temples.

If you were a guest at the St Regis Remède spa, which treatment would you book?
The two-hour Stillness Ritual – truly transformative as it takes you from a fragrant aromatherapy bath to tranquil massage, with cranio-sacral work and foot reflexology to release tension and restore vitality.

Best detox products?
Epicuren Espresso Limon Slimming Body Oil – grapeseed oil infused with pure espresso and hints of Italian Lemon and Moroccan Cinnamon.


Hacienda Uayamon, Hacienda San Jose, Yucatan, MexicoHACIENDA UAYAMON YUCATAN
Hacienda Spa Director Reto Kade oversees the spa not only at Hacienda Uayamon but at all our Smith-selected hotels in Mexico’s Yucatan: Hacienda San Jose, Hacienda Uayamon, Hacienda Temozon, and Hacienda Santa Rosa.

What approach do you take at the Hacienda spas?
I’ve dedicated a good part of my life, almost 25 years,  to the study of Shamanism, specializing in meditation (Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, Kabalah of the new and old testament, and Shavism and Kashimira). I practice Chi-kung, and am a transpersonal therapist and Temazcal expert.

Pre-party pampering tips?
A Deluxe facial and a Temozon Special that is a ‘lite’ exfoliation with herbs and corn, followed by a massage with a puree of herbs and Chaya; all our ingredients are organic and fresh.

Instant makeover?
A short massage with fresh Aloe Vera organically grown on our Haciendas or a Velo de Novia.

Favourite beauty products?
The ingredients provided by the Mother Earth, such as aloe vera, indigenous herbs, and fresh avocado.

Any advice on how to prevent a hangover?
Don’t drink alcohol! Only fresh juices, smoothies or cocktails with little or no alcohol. If you do drink alcohol, drink lots of water!

Ok then, how about making it go away?
A pozole: Mexican spicy soup with lots of habanero chillis and lots of fresh lime juice.

Pineapple detoxWhat are your top detoxing tips?
One day during a week eat and drink only pineapple. Drink at least a litre of Chia water a day: that’s plain water infused with 3 grams of chia seeds (add the seeds and wait 5 minutes). Drink it like your usual drinking water, it’s rich in minerals and Omega 3. This helps the digestion and detoxing.

If you were a guest at one of your own spas, which treatment would you book?
The 90-minute Shamanic Massage in the cenote at Hacienda Temozon (above, bottom) – it’s incredible.


The Surrey spa hotel New YorkTHE SURREY NEW YORK
The Surrey Spa manager Cheryl Jacobs

Pre-party pampering tips?
I suggest a relaxing massage and/or an anti-ageing facial with no extractions to feel rested and rejuvenated. And always have a fresh manicure/pedicure!

Instant makeover?
I like to relax and meditate while enjoying a Darphin Youthful Radiance Camelia mask; it brightens my skin and makes me look as if I had slept for hours.

Favourite beauty products?
I love the Stimulskin Rejuvenating Lifting Serum and all Darphin Stimulskin products.

Best hangover treatments?
Lymphatic drainage of the face; Reiki; and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Detox with fruit juiceWhat are your top detoxing tips?
A day of juicing is a quick fix; a week is even better. I also like to do a detoxifying heated mud wrap.

What’s the best detox treatment for people to book in your spa?
The Darphin Black Pepper Detox, or the Li’tya scrub and mud with Li’tya’s Detox oil.


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