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The disco set by the pool that takes you back to Ibiza; the afrobeat in your headphones as you hightailed it across Hong Kong: so often the album you had on heavy rotation is the single biggest reminder of your favourite holiday. But why settle for the same soundtrack trip after trip? Here, we’ve paired new music with the hotel that would make for the ideal listening location. So load up your travel playlist, pack your bags and don’t forget your dancing shoes…

Travel playlist for boutique hotels

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ALBUM A.A.L (Against All Logic) – 2012–2017
Alias of elusive experimenter Nicolas Jaar, A.A.L is an outlet for the Chilean’s groovier, more accessible side. At first sitting it appears to be a straight-up house album, but if you know Jaar, you’ll know that below the surface lies layer upon layer of sonic detail – prepare for technicolour flashes of what could be Marvin Gaye, the Avalanches, the Field…

The pool at Explora Rapa Nui, Chile

The pool at Explora Rapa Nui

STAY Explora Rapa Nui, Easter Island
Chile’s remote Pacific Island is a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma – the perfect place to unpick both the logic of the moai heads and the alien beats of A.A.L, which are most potent heard by Explora Rapa Nui’s pool.


TRACK Lewis OfMan – Plein de Bisous
Armed with a keyboard and a playful, electronic take on sixties yé-yé, 20-year-old Lewis OfMan burst onto the scene last year when his debut EP Yo Bene was used as the soundtrack on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week. Here he teams with female vocalist Mile for some breezy elevator pop.

STAY Hotel Bienvenue, Paris
Similarly unafraid to flaunt its Frenchness is supermodel-thin townhouse Hotel Bienvenue in Paris’ hipster-friendly South Pigalle ‘hood. The antique elevator here is an adventure in itself.

ALBUM Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain
She may have been born in another four-corner state (Arizona), but listen to Courtney Marie Andrews’ timeless country ballads on the porch of your antler-toting cabin at Colorado’s Dunton Hot Springs and we’re sure you’ll hear the surrounding San Juan Mountains sing.

Dunton Hot Springs hotel, Colorado, USA

Dunton Hot Springs

STAY Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado
You’re unlikely to experience the leaky faucets or creaky stairs featured in bluesy waltz ‘This House’, but Andrews’ heart-wrenching Americana feels right at home mingling with the wisps of hot-spring steam in this former-mining-town retreat.

TRACK James Blake – If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead
James Blake has been writing deconstructed pop songs for years now, and his latest single is no exception. Taking cues from the travelling-backwards sensation you get as a faster vehicle passes you, Blake chops his vocals and teases out the hook in a way that dazzles and disorientates in equal measure.

STAY Public New York
With Public New York, Studio 54 co-founder Ian Schrager has deconstructed our idea of the hotel – no receptionist or concierge; an  avant-garde multimedia space – and rebuilt it with the things New Yorkers need most: plenty of USB ports in rooms, the city’s fastest  wifi and floor-to-ceiling windows so you can watch the cars below you move ahead…

ALBUM Terekke – Plant Age
Flitting between lo-fi house, sunset-friendly dub and the odd ambient interlude, Plant Age sounds like the hazy memory of club nights transposed to the world’s most stylish architect’s showroom.

STAY Villa Stella, Ibiza
Whether you’re recovering from the night’s excess or escaping civilisation entirely, you’ll want a dream-inducing space in which to unwind in Ibiza. And at open-plan, pop-art-toting Villa Stella, we can well imagine wafting between the walled garden, the sundeck and the pool to the soundtrack of Terekke’s blissed-out beats.

Villa Stella, Ibiza, Spain

Villa Stella

TRACK G Flip – About You
Melbourne’s bedroom-based singer-songwriter, drummer and producer G Flip burst onto the scene in February with soaring pop smash ‘About You’. Smart, measured and building to a euphoric climax, the track looks set to burn brightly all year.

STAY Ovolo Laneways Hotel, Melbourne
Furnished with eye-popping modern art, chalkboards and pinball machines, Ovolo Laneways is set in the heart of Melbourne’s hipster district. The twinkling skyscrapers looming over its penthouse suite terrace would make a fine backdrop for G Flip’s thermionic wizardry.

Ovolo Laneways, Melbourne, Australia

The Penthouse Suite at Ovolo Laneways

ALBUM Ursula Le Guin & Todd Barton – Music and Poetry of the Kesh
Choral music, synthesizers, cicadas, handmade instruments: these are the suitably new-age ingredients for Music and Poetry of the Kesh, a curious collaboration between the late science fiction novelist Ursula Le Guin and composer Todd Barton. Recently reissued, the album was first released in 1985 as a cassette accompanying her novel Always Coming Home, in which Le Guin imagines an indigenous tribe 500 years from now worshipping nature in Northern California.

STAY Milliken Creek Inn & Spa, Napa Valley
Listen at dusk on the terrace at Milliken Creek Inn & Spa in Napa Valley, where Le Guin spent her summers as a youth, and be hypnotised by its eerie spiritual chanting and field recordings of birds and streams.

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