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Christmas shopping in New York – Rockefeller CenterYesterday you’ll no doubt have been glued to Mr & Mrs Smith’s Christmas gift guide, on the lookout for stocking stuffers, presents for the menfolk or Mrs, and holiday geegaws to distract the kids with; we merrily obliged with a stylish selection from the good people at cult cosmetics brand Becca, online fashion boutique and homeware bloodhounds Graham & Green.

Today’s Chrimbo crop tempts you with cracking suggestions (not to mention shopping discounts of up to 20%) from the gift gurus at the Handpicked Collection; indulgence experts Melt Chocolates, and travel-savvy online-shopping whizz – our very own Mrs Smith – Tamara Heber-Percy.

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Christmas gift guide – Handpicked Collection - Natasha CubittTHE HANDPICKED COLLECTION MD,

Where will you be spending Christmas this year?
In beautiful Wales with my parents, sisters, their husbands and children, and a menagerie of animals.

Where would you most like to spend it?
See above. Although two of my sisters will be abroad so if I could, I’d like to fly them home.

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?
Something for my new flat: for the first time ever, I’ve got a list of practical things that I need. Christmas gifts - Oskia Travel Candle from the Handpicked Collection

What from the Handpicked Collection would you give your real-life Mr Smith?
If there were a Mr Smith, he would get a portable food smoker so that we could cook supper on the beach after a day’s mackerel fishing. And an Oskia Massage Candle – which hopefully would benefit me too.

Stocking fillers – laundry bags – Handpicked CollectionBest stocking fillers?
I love our embroidered laundry bags: the Wash Me Wear Me Bag has two zipped compartment for cleanies and dirties (undies that is). Perfect for jetsetting Mrs Smiths.

Where do you do your Christmas shopping?
Well, working for a gift company, I don’t have to look very far! We often refer to The Handpicked Collection as a one-stop Christmas shop and I’m proud to say that it truly lives up to expectations. Gift ideas for everyone, at every budget.

Christmas Gift Guide - wrapping tipsHow do you wrap your gifts?
I’ve gone glam this year, with some black paper with serious gold glitter action (anti general gloom and doom). I don’t think it will need much extra adornment, but perhaps I’ll attach a simple gold Christmas bauble with a matt black tag. I love deciding on my theme each year and don’t worry too much about green implications: my war-baby mother makes sure it gets used the following year for stocking presents.

Christmas Gift Guide - Handpicked CollectionBest Christmas present you ever got?
My dwarf black Labrador, Beetle, from my mother. A present that has given me more pleasure than one could think possible.

Worst present you have ever given?
When I was very little, I used to get a tiny budget to buy for my older sisters. Every year I would go to the sweet shop and spend ages deciding whether a Curly Wurly was better for Miranda or Annabelle, a Crunchie for Alicia or Sophia… They were so sweet and always incredibly appreciative when opening them; only later did I realise that some excellent acting came into play!

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Stocking fillers – Melt Chocolates – Louise NasonMELT CHOCOLATES FOUNDER, LOUISE NASON

Where will you be spending Christmas?
Christmas will be at home in Hampshire, with an early start. The children will wake us up probably around 5.30am. I’ll make some freshly squeezed orange juice and devils on horseback for breakfast before presents under the tree.

And where would you really like to spend it?
As above! Saying that, we went to Vienna last year and it was FAB!

Christmas gift guide – Melt chocolates

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree?
Lots of design books and cookery books. Maybe a new sofa!?

What Melt chocolates would you give your Mr Smith?
Andrew will be getting a little bag of fresh chocolates: even though I own my own chocolate shop, I only have a very small amount of fresh chocolates at home normally – they are a real treat!

Stocking fillers – hot chocolate dippers – Melt chocolatesBest stocking fillers?
The Melt single-origin hot-chocolate blocks are fantastic slipped into the top of a stocking – perfect for all ages.

Where do you do your Christmas shopping?
Virtually all online these days. I like to pop into Selfridges, Harrods and Liberty for spontaneous buys and inspiration, but otherwise all shopping is done at my desk. I order great, tasty, organic meat from Riverford.

Christmas gift guide – Melt chocolates

How do you wrap your gifts?
Simple, chic paper and leftover ribbon scraps from the shop. All the used paper will go on the fire afterwards.

Best Christmas present you ever got?
An army green Landrover Defender for our first Christmas out of London!

Worst present you’ve ever given?
Trousers for my husband that were too tight – not good. Also I recently bought some Beats headphones for him; when we all turned up to meet him at the airport, he was wearing the same pair – he’d just bought himself some!

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Christmas presents – Mr & Mrs Smith – Tamara Heber-PercyMR & MRS SMITH CO-FOUNDER, TAMARA HEBER-PERCY (AKA MRS SMITH)

Where will you be spending Christmas?
With my family at home in London. My sister has a new baby so we are keeping it low-key and homely.

Where would you most like to spend it?
In a big villa in Ibiza with all my friends (and family!).

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?
Lots of things to keep my kids amused during the holidays.

What would you like to give Mr Smith?
Since our son Tom dressed up as a vampire for Halloween, Mr Smith’s into all things vampire-related – so maybe a stay in Transylvania would be a nice surprise! If he wasn’t ‘the’ Mr Smith, I’d give him a copy of our new Italy guide. Maybe bookmarked with a handwritten ‘Take me here!’ hint.

Last-minute Christmas present – hotel voucherBest stocking-filler ideas?
One of our Get a Room! gift cards is a really romantic thing to slip in your partner’s stocking. If you’re a last-minute panic-buyer, you can buy a hotel e-voucher online the night before Christmas (or the morning after, if you’ve really messed up).

Where do you do your Christmas shopping?
Online online online: I’m aiming not to have to do any high street shopping at all this year. I love supporting little boutique websites rather than the giants such as Amazon. My favourites at the moment are Etsy for crafty presents, and ilovegorgeous for beautiful girls’ clothes.

How do you wrap your gifts?
Christmas gift guideWith plain brown paper and coloured ribbon. I LOVE wrapping – is that weird?

Best Christmas present you’ve ever got?
Might sound a bit boring, but I’ve worn it more than any other garment ever – my luxury cashmere wrap from The Travelwrap Company.

A Dustbuster – actually quite useful, but there’s something wrong about being given cleaning equipment…

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